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Daily Fanfiction Challenge Community

Welcome to dailyfics! This comm was made based on an idea I had a few months back in which I challenged myself to write a H/C fic a day for a whole month. I succeeded the challenge, learned more about writing than I ever have in my whole life and got inspired to do more. I made more prompt tables to use and recently had a bolt of inspiration and created this community so more writers can join in the fun.

The fics need to be at least 100 words long, but have no maximum limit. They will usually be very short, just a tiny bit of daily inspiration and don't need to follow a logic or even have a plot. It could be just a tiny frozen moment in the characters' life, but the challenge is that you need to write everyday. It doesn't matter how.

If you are one of those writers needing a challenge, or if you want to create a writing habit, improve your techniques, or simply have fun, you can sign up to participate.

The rules are simple and can be found in our profile, or you can simply look under the cut:


- You have to sign up to one prompt table in order to participate. There are several different prompt tables: for 30 days of fics, seven days of fics and fifteen days of fics. Sign ups have to deadline and are always open.

- You have to write one fic a day with a minimum length of 100 words. There is no maximum limit.

- You have to start posting until up to five days after you sign up.

- There is no deadline to sign up. Anyone can sign up any time they want. This is just so I can keep a track of who is participating of the challenge and following it daily.

- Try not to cheat. I can't keep track of who is really writing daily, only who is posting daily, so you have only your conscience to keep you in line.

- You can write for more than one fandom or write original fiction. RPF is not allowed.

- You have to post your fic in the comm (instead of putting a link to your journal). You can post a link anywhere else, double post it, crosspost it or anything you want as long as a copy exists in this comm.
- Crossposting with other challenges is allowed as long as the fic follows our basic criteria.

- Post an appropriate header containing the following information: title, author, prompt, prompt table, word count, genre, rating, characters and/or pairing, fandom, disclaimer and a summary if the fic is over 200 words. You can use this form:

- Don't forget to tag your posts. They should have your author tag, the fandom, the genre, the rating and the table you are writing for. If you don't have an author tag or a fandom tag, reply to this post to ask for one.

- Use LJ cut. If you don't know how, just copy and paste the form above into the post and fill in the information (you have to use HTML and not Rich Text). Everything is detailed there.

- Behave and be polite. Flamming, bashing and any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

- If you manage to keep your daily posts, following the prompt table you chose, you will get a nice banner to post in your LJ. I can't promise they will be ready as soon as you are done, but I promise to do them. You will only get the banner if you post the fics daily, starting from the day following your sign up. When you finish and accomplish the mission successfully, reply to this post so I can work on the banners.

- New prompt tables will be posted periodically.
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