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Fic: Hot. Day One, Prompt 1 Table F

Title: Hot
Author: clwilson2006
Prompt #: 1 Hot
Prompt table: F
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard
Word count: 392 (according to openoffice)
Disclamer: None of these charaters belong to me, I mean no harm.

Rodney leaned against the balcony, his discarded jacket on the floor. A very faint breeze made a half hearted attempt to ruffle his hair.
“McKay!” Sheppard stood next to him.
“Oh God.” Sheppard moaned, “It's just as hot out here! What the hell is wrong with the environmentals”
“Radek is fixing it” McKay muttered. “He didn't want my help, said it was hot enough in the control room without me there.”
Sheppard watched a bead of sweat run down McKay's forehead.
“Yeah! Hot. That's you all right.” John continued to follow the sweat trail as it ran into McKay's eyebrow.
“What” McKay squeaked as he stared a Sheppard
“I mean I can see how hot you are from here and there's about two feet between us”
“What!” McKay squeaked again
“C'mon” Sheppard slapped McKay on the shoulder. “Lets get you in a shower.”
“What! No, No wait just a minute Colonel” Rodney much as much emphasis on Sheppard's rank as he could in his early stage of panic.
“No, and I mean no. Not at all, I'm, I'm, I'm not like, that; not that you're not a handsome man in your own right but I'm not.... I mean to say I like girls. And you're military anyway so isn't that against some weird rule you lot have.”
As Sheppard's brain caught up with Rodney's ramblings, he slowly lowered his arm.
“Rodney” he tried not to use his freaked out voice “What the hell are you on about.”
Rodney blinked at him.
“You just said I was Hot.” Rodney whispered
“Then you wanted to take a shower with me.” Rodney looked away.
Sheppard stared, then burst into laughter.
“Rodney, Buddy.” he said round his laughter. “I said you were hot. You're dripping with sweat, every body is hot today. Hot like, like the temperature. Not cold”
“oh” Rodney sighed.
“And I mentioned the showers because Teyla says they are only producing cold water. Must be something related to the environmental controls being broken. I thought it might cool you down a bit.”
“Yes right then, good idea.” Rodney flushed and moved away from Sheppard. “I'll just, erm” he gestured over his shoulder with his thumb. “Bye then”

Tags: author: clwilson2006, fandom: stargate atlantis, genre: humor, rating: pg, table: f

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